Case Studies

Colorado Doorways

Renovation of a 95 year old railway locomotive shed

Colorado Doorway Case Study-300dpi Page 1View PDF DocumentRenovation of a 95 year old railway locomotive shed Indoor Sky is dedicated to developing products to optimize both occupant comfort and energy performance through daylight harvesting in markets such as education, healthcare, retail and commercial office.

Unlike conventional interior shading systems, the Dayliter Shade provides ideal interior daylight levels while minimizing glare and solar heat gain. Featuring fabric lightshelf assemblies with integrated roller shades, the Dayliter Shade overcomes the shortcomings associated with conventional lightshelves while maintaining their energy reduction benefits.

Shades may be manually operated or fully automated.

The versatility of the Dayliter Shading System on this project is unparalleled - featuring single and double lightshelf assemblies from 9 to 21 inches deep and fabric with 5% openness factor for excellent visibility and optimal shading.

Double lightshelves used on the East & West elevations may be rotated to cut off early morning and late afternoon sun.

The single lightshelves on the North elevation are sized to bring in maximum daylight with minimal glare.