About Indoor Sky

The Indoor Sky team standing in front of the tradeshow display.

A family run business founded in 2013, Indoor Sky operates out of Williamsport, Pennsylvania and is proud to offer some of the most innovative products made in the US and Europe (not China!).

The company is dedicated to maximizing the positive human experience associated with daylight within a space whether it be in your home or your place of work. Evidence of that is the introduction of perhaps the single biggest innovation in commercial window treatments since the roller shade with our Dayliter Shading System.

Indoor Sky is also committed to enhancing design through the use of daylight. The key driver of our mission is collaboration with the design community to continue to improve the interior daylighting landscape.

We offer a full service in Central Pennsylvania including design assistance, measurement and installation. Call us at 570 651 5105.

Thank you.
Paul Moulton
Founder & President