Introducing the EZ Clean Dayliter Shade

Particularly in healthcare applications it is important to be able to easily clean horizontal surfaces.


In order to clean the S Series lightshelf with anything more than a feather duster it was necessary to actually remove it from its mounting brackets. On the SW Series, with the worm drive, it was necessary to remove the aluminum fascia to allow the lightshelf to rotate past parallel. Custodians unfamiliar with the product might be uncomfortable with either of these actions and it's likely that the shade would remain uncleaned.



The addition of sliding mounting pins allows the S Series lightshelf to be rotated downward for ease of cleaning without having to remove the shelf. With the worm drive option we’ve introduced a “soft stop” when the lightshelf reaches parallel - applying a little extra pressure to the crank allows the lightshelf to continue to rotate easily down to the cleaning position.

S EZ Clean
S Worm Drive