Case Study
Office window  with shades drawn and lightshelf open. Daylight spreads across the ceiling.
Office with translucent shades. Daylight is significantly reduced, but light shelves still reflect daylight across the ceiling.

North Central Sight Services

Indoor Sky and North Central Sight Services are collaborating to bring their unique Dayliter Shading System to the blind and visually impaired. The shades are available in many different fabrics but two were selected for the Assistive Technology Lab at the Reach Road facility shown above. On the left a lighter color 1% fabric providing glare control and full privacy, on the right a darker color 3% fabric allows views to the outside while still controlling glare. NCSS will evaluate the benefits of each fabric for the specific lighting needs of their employees and served community.

NCSS will be assembling the fabric lightshelves for Indoor Sky in support of their mission to provide exceptional programs, services and employment for the blind and visually impaired.

“For myself and others with visual impairments, glare is a major barrier to utilizing a computer or other screens. Transitioning from light to dark is especially challenging; thus, being able to maintain a consistent, glare-free atmosphere with Indoor Sky’s Dayliter Shades makes all the difference. The fabric lightshelves are beneficial because they allow the user to benefit from natural light, without glare, which creates a more positive, productive environment. I strongly recommend this to other organizations that employ or serve individuals with visual disabilities!”

– Brian Patchett, President & CEO/North Central Sight Services, Inc.

Case Study

Susquehanna Health Case Study

Susquehanna Health

Designed to create glare-free spaces, the interior daylighting & shading system from Indoor Sky totally transforms this office at Williamsport Regional Medical Center.

The system, featuring operable fabric lightshelves and integral roller shade, delivers superb light quality by distributing diffused daylight evenly within the space.

Case Study

Cuningham Group Case Study

Cuningham Group Architecture

Studio renovation designed for ultimate daylighting.

The 22 foot high open beam ceiling in this refurbished studio, complete with diffused skylight, demanded a window treatment that could anchor the space aesthetically.

Each large window showcases a Dayliter Shade with triple, operable lightshelf to take advantage of the ever changing daylight. The southern tree lined facade creates shadows that play on the shades in the breeze. “We love these shades and so does everyone who comes in here,” expounded Paul Hutton managing partner.

Shades may be manually operated or fully automated.

Case Study

Flat Iron Building Case Study

The Flat Iron Building

Breathing new life into a local landmark.

This iconic building in the center of town was in need of renovation. As sustainable design consultants, the owners The Stone House Group were keen to employ good daylighting techniques and selected a custom made Dayliter Shading System to suit the tall narrow windows.

Rather than select a “stack” of lightshelves the designer elected to go with a single 36” shelf but needed it to be operable. Using a new worm gear operating system, Indoor Sky were able to produce both the functionality and aesthetics that the project required. Motorized roller shades driven by a PV panel completed the system saving the owner significant money by not having to run electrical service to each window head through dense engineering brick.

Case Study

Jersey Shore State Bank Case Study

Jersey Shore State Bank

From Tree House to Corporate Boardroom

This naked glass facade once housed a tree growing up through the floor but when the tree was removed the space was unusable due to heat gain and glare. Indoor Sky was asked to develop a solution that would allow control of both temperature and daylight and allow the space to be used as a corporate boardroom.

The solution features (54) motorized fabric lightshelves operating in (3) separate zones and a fixed canopy at the apex facilitating full control of the changing daylight conditions throughout the day.

"The functionality is amazing; first of all glare but we had a heat issue and trouble cooling the space. Now some people feel that it's too cool!"
— Dick Grafmyre, CEO JSSB

Case Study

Colorado Doorway Case Study

Colorado Doorways

Renovation of a 95 year old railway locomotive shed

The versatility of the Dayliter Shading System on this project is unparalleled - featuring single and double lightshelf assemblies from 9 to 21 inches deep and fabric with 5% openness factor for excellent visibility and optimal shading.

Double lightshelves used on the East & West elevations may be rotated to cut off early morning and late afternoon sun.

The single lightshelves on the North elevation are sized to bring in maximum daylight with minimal glare.

Shades may be manually operated or fully automated.

Case Study


Summerlin Hospital

Nature’s Best Medicine

Daylight impacts human health and performance by kick-starting the body’s circadian system, affecting mood and perception, and by enabling critical chemical reactions in the body. Patients in rooms with good daylight require up to 25% shorter stays and 25% less pain medication.

When renovating the pediatric floor at Summerlin Hospital in Nevada the glare-free daylight provided by the Dayliter Shade helped create a warm, hospitable environment encouraging speedy recovery. The product’s flexibility allowed for the lightshelf to be reduced in size to suit the relatively low window head without impacting the daylight and still meet code requirements.